17 seconds.

No really, 17 seconds.

Experts have established that our minds take between 7 and 17 seconds, on average, to form a first impression. Let’s get your brand activations the way they should be.

Mall activations

Malls are target-rich environments. Mall Activations target consumers who are planning to spend their money. Usually, big events that create an attraction for consumers.

Brand Evolutions offers innovative, result-driven brand activations that target consumers at point-of-purchase.

Each activation is delivered on a researched theme and our clients own that space for the duration of the activation.

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A brand is a personality that identifies a product, service or company and how it relates to consumers, staff, partners, investors and other stakeholders. Brand Evolution strives to make the brand, product or services relevant to the target stakeholder.


With extensive experience working with a wide variety of visual mediums and tools available, Brand Evolution is expert at evolving your core marketing position.  Brand Evolution will make whatever you wish to communicate, in whatever form – from logos and brands to flyers and presentations – resonate with and inspire its intended audience.